Welcome to the UK’s premier online environmental management system, Target 100 Environmental. Created and developed by Business Safety Systems.

Developed by market leader Business Safety Systems, Target 100 Environmental is a state-of-the-art online Environmental Management System (EMS) that can be used by organisations of any size to demonstrate sound environmental performance by assessing and controlling the impacts of their activities, products and services on the environment.

From the development of initial environmental guidelines to full ISO 14001 compliance, Target 100 Environmental offers a comprehensive suite of tools to allow your organisation to implement an environmental policy in line with the nature, scale and potential environmental impact of your operations:

  1. The planning of measures to meet legal requirements is achieved through the system’s unique Action Planning facility.

  2. A comprehensive range of Checklists and Risk Assessments are available to ensure the implementation and operation of these plans.

  3. The system provides Management Reports and Task Reminders to enable you to check progress and remain on schedule.

  4. Self Audits allow you to assess how your organisation is performing and remain on target of full ISO 14001 compliance.

Target 100's modern, design combines sophisticated online functionality and unparalleled ease of use, without the purchase and support costs associated with traditional software systems. This "software as a service" approach places an effective environmental policy within the reach of even the smallest organisation.

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